About Us


Officially established in 2016 by Mr.Hardiyanto and Mr.Averous Ali,  Hydro Advanced Indonesia is focused on exporting high quality coconut shell briquettes.

This company was started by a research group founded in 2010, the group focused on developing and improving the quality of Indonesian commodities, based on those experiences, we have succeeded in developing the quality of charcoal briquettes, One of our remarkable achievements in order to improve the quality of charcoal is to find ways to increase carbon content and decreased ash content. After completing the improvement of the quality of charcoal, we expanded our business to become producers of coconut shell charcoal briquettes due to the high demand for coconut shell charcoal briquettes from various regions, including Europe, East Asia and some Americas country. Our factory is located in Bogor, West Java, which is capable of producing 7-8 tons of charcoal briquettes per day.

Our manufacture has a high standard of process, so we can provide our best products to our customers. Our products are environmentally friendly because no trees are cut down during the production process.

Based on that experience, we are now developing our own brand, Al Agni Charcoal Briquettes, which is planned to expand our products to the European market in 2017